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Cyber Risk Management for the Modern C-Suite

Too often, cybersecurity is focused on technology and framed as a choice between two extremes.

On one hand, you have simplistic “red, yellow, green” or “high, medium, low” methods. These are often slick, fully automated, beautiful looking programs…but they also gobble up a lot of time and money for very limited effectiveness and practical benefit. In other words, this method is often not that much better than spending a few minutes making a back-of-the-envelope calculation. Pass.

The other side of the equation, there are the tech-focused options. Executives (and other non-tech personnel) are forced to decode cybersecurity jargon and advanced statistics in order to understand the technical vulnerabilities and probability estimations. On the off chance that everything makes sense, the overly complex “solutions” will require more time, money, and energy than your firm can devote to the task. No, thanks.

No wonder many executives are (begrudgingly) walking away from the decision entirely and letting IT handle (or mishandle) cyber risk mitigation.

If you are wondering why no middle ground exists, you’re not alone. 

Cyber attacks and failures are seriously hurting businesses, even bankrupting them. We help executives manage cyber as the business risk it has become. So you’ll be ready no matter what happens. Want the answers to these questions and more? Click here for more info.

There’s a Better Way to Manage Cyber Risk

A Business-Oriented Option that Works

Executives need practical, business-minded cyber risk management strategies that optimize your limited time and money to maximum effect.

An approach that is free from confusing jargon, biased towards action and ready to deliver real business value…

A culture that fosters an ongoing executive management conversation about cyber risk…

There wasn’t always a practical, accessible middle ground cyber risk approach.

But now there is. Connect with our Cyber Risk Opportunities specialist. 


We deliver a prioritized cyber risk mitigation plan including your cybersecurity scorecard with a risk mitigation visualizer to communicate your cybersecurity story to your stakeholders

Business Value:

Our business value tool helps prioritise your risk mitigations based on four dimensions of value: Legal risk mitigation, technical risk mitigation, financial returns, and increased reliability of operations.

Independent Leadership:

Led by former CISO and thought leader, GC sees cyber risks as you do, as a senior manager. WE believe that cybersecurity isn’t something you purchase. It’s not a destination… cybersecurity is how you travel.